STEMCITY is about:

  • Engaging citizens in STEM learning activities both in the classroom and in the community
  • Enabling citizens to make informed choices about STEM careers and understand the benefits of STEM
  • Empowering citizens to participate in the knowledge economy and share in the future success of the city


STEMCITY has been developed by a partnership of local organisations across the city, as part of the European Commission’s Science in Society project: PLACES -

Growing the workforce

To improve teacher training and governor development opportunities in schools and colleges, and encourage the public sector workforce to promote STEM careers and learning opportunities to our citizens, we will implement actions to:

  • improve the quality of STEM teaching through improved CPD opportunities for both trainee and established teachers
  • improve the ability of schools to deliver an enriched STEM curriculum through the adoption of STEM manifestos written in partnership with students
  • improve the understanding of the benefits of STEM learning amongst the Children’s Partnership workforce and other public and voluntary sector staff through training and development activities


Growing community engagement

To improve science capital in families and communities and help Nottingham become a city of scientific culture we will implement actions to:

  • develop and deliver creative citizen science activities including the pop-up science shop model piloted under PLACES and increase the number of street-level science communication activities across the city
  • co-ordinate partner science communication and engagement activity into the annual Festival of Science and Curiosity
  • increase partner support for GameCity through greater collaboration
  • ensure sustained citizen co-production around the Growth Plan through the Sharing the Future participation model

Growing attainment

To build better links between industry and the classroom, inspire more children and young people to take up STEM careers, and be part of the knowledge economy we will implement actions to:

  • develop and deliver the CHEMWORKS programme of an enriched chemistry and science curriculum offer for disadvantaged and hard to reach students, measuring its impact in a longitudinal cohort study and providing evidence for future engagement actions
  • increase the number and impact of STEM ambassadors in city schools by supporting the development of the STEMNET ambassador programme, and by increasing the number of STEM days undertaken
  • develop a shared resource of STEM learning toolkits and support industry partners to develop real life learning plans linked to the curriculum for primary and secondary schools

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Stemcity Partnership Plan

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